Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmas in July...Day 8

Advent of a Mystery by Marilyn Leach:

For lovers of classic Agatha Christie mysteries and Jan Karon village characters, this English set mystery is sure to please. Berdie Elliott, the wife of the new parish priest, thought she left her old life as an investigative reporter behind her, but she soon discovers a village full of secrets when a man dies at a Christmas celebration. Could a clue to his demise be hidden in an advent wreath? Can Berdie curb her natural instincts to get involved in both a mystery and a romance, or will she let the local law handle things?

Published by Barbour Publishing with a release date of 9/1/2010

Marilyn Leach teaches art at an inner-city school near Denver, Colorado, and lives lakeside near the foothills.

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