Monday, November 2, 2009

The Christy Awards Reading Challenge

If you've been around Christian Fiction long enough, you have to have heard of the Christy Awards...the awards for the best of the best in Christian Fiction.

The Christy Awards Reading Challenge is reading challenge that spotlights Christian Fiction and the nominees and winners of the prestigious Christy Award. Amy and Deborah are the hosts for the challenge and have put in a lot of time and effort so the rest of us can join in. You can read as many or as few books as you like, and you've got just a little over a year to do it. Feel free to join in at any of the levels listed here.

Total Christian Fiction Newbie:

This is only for those who have read no Christian fiction before...the challenge is to read one book from any of the Christy Awards Winners!

Baby Steps

1st Tier - 2009 Favorite Category Read All Nominated Books 3-4 books
2nd Tier - Any ONE Years Favorite Category - 3-4 Books or mix 3-4 winners from any category

It's All in the Winners

3rd Tier- 2009 Winners - 9
4th Tier- Any ONE Year's Winners 7-9 or mix'n'match 7-9 winners


5th Tier - Read 2009/or ANY Year All Books 36-40 Books


6rd Tier - Read all the nominees in your favorite category
7th Tier - Read all of the winners in every category

The Christy Challenge--Perpetual Challenge
Read all of the books nominated and awarded the Christy challenge throughout the course of your lifetime.

You can browse the list of 2000-2009 Winners and Nominees here before you make the decision on which level you'd like to challenge yourself.

I'm planning on joining in at the 4th tier - with the mix & match option - however, I'm not going to list the books I'm going to read beforehand as I sometimes have to be in the mood to read a certain book. I'll just work in one of the winners about every 6 weeks or so and update the list as each book is completed.

You can find our hosts online:
Deborah blogs at Books, Movies, and Chinese Food
Amy blogs at My Friend Amy

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