Thursday, July 29, 2010

Under a Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn

Under a Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn:

Carissa doesn’t know who she is anymore. She and her husband, Richard, are recent empty nesters; Richard is spending more and more time at work counseling his volatile clients and less time at home with his wife; his clients are starting to show up at the house at night causing Carissa to feel scared in her own home; and to top it all off, Carissa’s boss informs her that she’s been “let go.” She wonders where God is in all of this since He doesn’t seem to be around to protect her—and she’s already stopped trusting her husband.

In the midst of her world tilting off center, she’s offered time at a hideaway on Maui. Hiding seems like the best way to respond to life’s overload, and the thought of being alone sounds like just the right balm to soothe her wounded heart.

The languid Hawaiian sun, white beaches, and warm-hearted people bring respite, but meeting handsome Kai causes Carissa to toy with the idea of being romantically involved with him. Then, under a Maui moon, she looks to God for guidance and hope for the future. That’s when she discovers His hand still is on her life, and that love is closer than she ever realized.

My review:

The next best thing to visiting the beautiful state of Hawai'i is experiencing it through the eyes of Robin Jones Gunn. Whenever she writes of our fiftieth state, you can feel the love and passion for all things Hawai'i in her much so that you'll feel the silky sand between your toes, smell the fragrant island flowers, and hear the waves as they make their way toward shore.

I loved how Robin uses Irene and her stories of the great Ka'ahumanu, wife of King Kamehameha, to speak to Carissa. Ka'ahumanu has such a remarkable history that really is a story in and of itself, and it makes a lovely addition to this book. Irene is my favorite character in this story, with her unassuming personality that sees joy in the simplest things. It's very touching how she takes Carissa under her wing and helps her experience that joy for herself.

Another pleasant surprise in this book...Robin includes a cameo of characters from some of her previous books...and it is really neat how she includes them in the story. (I'm not revealing who it you can be pleasantly surprised yourself).

The beauty of the story, like the beauty of the islands, will draw you in. You'll laugh and you'll cry, and if you listen close enough, you will hear it speak to you.

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