Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas in July...Day 31

I hope you've enjoyed getting a sneak peek at a lot of upcoming Christmas fiction, as well as seeing some of my favorite holiday stories during this special Christmas in July theme. I've enjoyed having a chance to share all these books with you. Blessings...and happy reading!

A Carol for Christmas by Robin Lee Hatcher:

Never underestimate the true spirit of Christmas …

Carol Burke was born to sing. It was the life she had always dreamed of. There was only one thing she loved more, one person for whom she would willingly sacrifice her dreams: Jonathan Burke. Married against their parents’ wishes, both are determined to make a life together despite the hardships. Jonathan works hard at his father’s department store, leaving Carol alone in their tiny apartment. But long hours turn into late nights, thanks to Jonathan’s insatiable desire to prove himself to his father … even at the expense of the one he loves best.

Into the midst of an increasingly empty marriage comes an unexpected chance for Carol to sing again. Is this the opportunity of a lifetime, or a time for her to let go and trust her future to God? Carol knows one thing: she longs most of all to share her first Christmas with Jonathan, creating their own memories and traditions and breathing new life into their marriage.

Then a broken promise leaves her wondering. Can anything, anyone—even God—heal her crumbling hopes? The answer comes when Carol finds herself face-to-face with the true spirit of Christmas …

Published by Zondervan in 2006

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Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

This is one of my favorites by Robin, and it's perfect for Christmastime!

Jenny said...

I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by, Christy. :)

CeeCee said...

Pulling this one off my shelf for Christmas too. Why is the word verification "whispo"??? Probably because I feel like whispering that I had some of these books on my TBR shelf so long. LOL.