Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

About A Man of His Word:

When Moriah Byler married Levi Miller, she thought they would share a long life together. She is astonished when one day he abruptly leaves the Order, and her along with it. She is hopeful that they'll reconcile, but Levi has a fatal accident. Unbeknownst to him, Moriah is pregnant.

Moriah finds herself alone and unsure where to turn. She's reticent about trusting her heart to anyone. What Moriah doesn't know is that Levi's twin, Gabriel, has loved her for years, but has kept this to himself. Gabriel is a man of his word--and a man of God's word. After another unexpected tragedy, Moriah must learn to unguard her heart and accept his love so she can be made whole again.

My thoughts:

I have been an avid reader of Christian Amish fiction for a number of years, and count Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter among my favorites. I don't hesitate to say that this Kathleen Fuller book is on par with those of Lewis and Brunstetter. An enthralling lead story, exceptional character development, a subplot that ties in seamlessly, with romance and a light touch of faith, this story is a winner from page one. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this 'Hearts of Middlefield' series, An Honest Love, which is due out in March 2010.

About An Honest Love:

Lukas Byler is the man of Anna Esh's dreams--and he's asked her to marry him. But Anna has a secret she can't bring herself to reveal; she may not be able to bear children. She knows how much having a large family means to Lukas, but she's afraid of losing him so she doesn't tell him.

She's thrilled when, after several months of being married, she gets pregnant. But when she miscarries, her worst fears are confirmed. Can she bring herself to be honest with Lukas? And will he still love her when he learns the truth.

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