Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amish Fiction for Children

I have read a great deal of Wanda Brunstetter's books and my eight-year old daughter has just loved her Rachel Yoder series, so needless to say I have to promote Wanda's newest offering for the younger set, The Wisdom of Solomon. It is a chapter book that includes illustrations and it's target audience is ages 4-8.

About The Wisdom of Solomon:

Your kids will love this delightfully written and beautifully illustrated storybook about a young Amish boy named Solomon Lapp and his sister Sara. Growing up amid the beautiful rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the children encounter everything from dark, dancing shadows to loose chickens, quilt-eating goats, and mischief-making siblings. From one adventure to another in twelve intriguing chapters, Solomon and his friends learn life lessons about courage, brotherly love, helping, obedience, kindness, and more. This enchanting storybook will not only entertain but inspire, teaching children Christian values and the wisdom of God.

Find out more on the web:
Solomon Lapp & Friends
Wanda Brunstetter
Illustrator Phil Smouse
Rachel Yoder Series
Barbour Publishing


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