Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old McDonald meets American Idol!

I am always on the lookout for fun, entertaining books that will appeal to both of my girls, aged 2 and 8. Boo-Hoo Moo by Margie Palatini is certainly one that hits the mark. With more animal sounds than you can count, and page upon page of bright, colorful barnyard scenes filled with quirky looking animals, courtesy of illustrator Keith Graves, I'm sure this book will be read dozens of times at my house.

About Boo-Hoo Moo:

Hilda the heifer has a problem...her moo's have turned to boo hoo's. The other barnyard dwellers think she's lonely and as her 'boo hoo moo's' get louder and more melancholy, they hatch a plan to rid her of her boo hoo blues. They hold auditions amongst themselves for a chance to sing with Hilda in the hopes that having a singing companion will lighten her mood - and maybe drown out her horrible singing voice! In true AI fashion, as contestants try to croon, warble, or sqauwk their way into a singing gig with Hilda, they get feedback from a hen, goose, and pig who are obvious spoofs of their TV counterparts. What will Hilda's reaction be as her fellow farm critters reveal their intentions? Moo, honk, and bow-wow your way through the book to find out.

As an extra bonus, you can also go here to hear Margie Palatini herself read the book. It's fabulous. After we listened along, my 8 year old has done her very best to mimic Margie - and she's pretty good!

About Author Margie Palatini:

Margie Palatini is the author of many outrageously funny books for children, including Piggie Pie!, illustrated by Howard Fine; Moosetache, Mooseltoe, and the Bad Boys series, all illustrated by Henry Cole; The Cheese, illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher; No Biting, Louise, illustrated by Matthew Reinhart; and Gorgonzola, illustrated by Tim Bowers. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

About Illustrator Keith Graves:

Keith Graves is the author and illustrator of many of his own zany titles, including The Unexpectedly Bad Hair of Barcelona Smith, Three Nasty Gnarlies, Uncle Blubbafink's Seriously Ridiculous Stories, and Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance. He lives with his family in Texas.

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