Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The One Day Way by Chantel Hobbs

About The One Day Way:

Author Chantel Hobbs breaks the chains of past diet debacles and frees readers from unrealistic goals. She teaches daily fitness tasks that develop into lasting habits. By focusing energy and attention on doing the right things every day, she frees readers to achieve their weight-loss goals one day at a time.

I’ve got great news for you: You are about to feel better and look better beginning today! Today is truly a new opportunity for you to reach your weight loss goals. No, you won’t fit into your “skinny jeans” today, but I’m going to show you how each day will get you closer to that goal.

Yesterday’s mistakes are gone so let them go. You can’t control tomorrow, so stop worrying about it. Today is your opportunity to lose weight, get strong, and look great. It won’t happen overnight, but you can build a new life by changing your actions immediately and I’m here to show you how to make the changes that will create the new lifestyle you dream of: body, mind, and spirit. Best of all, you will start celebrating right away!

Come on, my friend. Let’s get started! By opening this book, I’ll show you how to unlock every tool you need to lose weight and get fit —and stay that way for the rest of your life. Success can be yours, what are you waiting for?


The One-Day Way gives you everything you need to lose weight and get fit in body, mind, and spirit:

-Break free from past dieting defeats
-Learn a realistic, life-changing way to measure success
-Change the way you think so you can change your life
-Translate your dreams into goals, and your goals into lasting achievements
-Get strong with thirty-one simple exercises, no fancy equipment required
-Take advantage of ten ways to eat better while you lose weight

Chantel Hobbs is the author of Never Say Diet and The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer. She is a motivational speaker, life coach, personal trainer, marathon runner, wife, and mother of four whose story has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, the 700 Club, and the covers of People and First magazines. She appears weekly on two fitness-themed radio programs and promotes her One-Day Way Learning System on television. Check out her website for fitness updates and coaching tips.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book and I think it can be very helpful to anyone who needs a jump start on their way to living a healthy lifestyle. Chantel really reinforces through this whole book that while big success is the ultimate goal, it is only achieved through taking your life one day at a time, with small successes along the way. If I mess up today, I can wake up tomorrow with the opportunity of making good choices and see success that day.

I also like that she included not just food and fitness, but the aspect of faith in regard to meeting these healthy lifestyle goals. It's not always an easy task to change your life, and being able to rely on God, God's Word, and prayer for strength can really give a person that boost to overcome and succeed.

I think this book would be great for someone (including myself) who may get easily discouraged when it seems big success is slow in coming. It helps to give a person the mindset that from a multitude of small successes, big results come, even one day at a time.

Would you like a chance to win this book?

I have the privilege of giving away one copy of The One Day Way, thanks to Waterbrook Press. If you'd like a chance win and you have a US postal code, please leave a comment that INCLUDES YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (you at yoohoo dot com) by midnight Thursday (January 14th, 2010).

Review copy generously provided by Waterbrook Press.

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ReadingRobin said...

I would love to win this book. I am in a rut with my weight loss. I lost 55 lbs. this past year but have fallen off the diet since Thanksgiving. This may help me recharge.
cmrobin at bellsouth net