Monday, July 2, 2007

The Latest Mrs. Furst by Susan Martins Miller

The Latest Mrs. Furst

About the book:

Jayne knows a lot about inner suffering: She lost a child, and she lost her marriage. All too eager to lose herself in a new relationship, she meets and is immmediately smitten by Mitchell, even though there is something a little...unsettling about him at times. When, in spite of the many red flags raised during their courtship, Jayne marries Mitchell, her dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Suffering eerie visions at night as devastating truths begin to surface, her sense of well being - and the marriage - begin to fall to pieces. What other haunting secrets lie beneath Mitchell's urbane exterior? Will Jayne turn out to be just the latest Mrs. Furst?

My thoughts:

The last sentence of the above book description had me going into the book thinking the events would be much more sinister. I was thinking "latest Mrs. Furst" as in Mitchell knocking off a previous wife/wives. The book is really a look into Anti-Social Personality Disorder, revealing many aspects of ASPD and how it affects different people in relationship with the person afflicted by it. I did find Jayne to be a likeable character, although a bit naive, and some of the minor characters in the book could have been developed a little more. The story does move a bit slowly at first, and at times is somewhat predictable, but the subject matter was interesting to me and prompted me to finish the book.


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Sounds good. =)

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