Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury


In preparation for their long-awaited wedding day, Dayne and Katy are determined to keep the ceremony a secret from the paparazzi. Their relationship grows closer and stronger as they plan together, but in the end it takes the help of the Baxter family and many of the CKT kids so that they will even have a chance at a private wedding. John Baxter is thrilled that his oldest son will be settling down a few miles away, but he's not sure how any of his kids will handle a situation he can no longer run from--the feelings he is having for his friend Elaine. In the meantime, the Flanigan family is struggling with their young boarder, Cody Coleman, Jim Flanigan's star receiver. After an alcohol overdose, Cody fights for his life. Only the grace of God and a miracle can bring him back from the brink of death--physically and spiritually.

** ** My thoughts ** **

I don't usually buy Karen Kingsbury's books (I usually wait until they come to my local library), but our local bookstore had a great sale on them so I went ahead and picked one up. Sunrise was a really good read, as Karen is a great author. She can bring out the emotions of a reader better than a lot of fiction authors. But, although I think she is great author who writes great books, I do find them somewhat predictable and drawn out. She's already presented some dilemmas in this first book that weren't resolved and I could probably tell you right now what the solutions to the problems will be and I doubt they've even been written yet.

I am okay with the initial Redemption series being five books as we were being introduced to a handful of Baxter siblings, but I think the story of Dayne and Katy in the Firstborn series could have been reduced to three books and had the same effect without feeling drawn out. I feel that this new series may be the same way. So my take is that while I enjoy her stories for the journey I take in them, I just wish I'd reach the destination sooner.

Stay tuned as well for the next book, Summer, due out August 21st.


Rel said...

I think I am with you on this one, Jen, although I haven't read it yet!

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Cee Cee said...

Hi Jen! I just posted about how I feel I shouldn't start with this book but begin with the first book in her series. What do you think? How timely is your post!

Jenny said...

I commented on your blog, Cee Cee! *smile*