Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I guess I'm "IT"...

My lovely, dear, sweet, wonderful, fabulous friend Rel (am I laying it on too thick here *wink*) has decided to tag me so you all can find out that my life is as exciting as a bowl of Rice Krispies without milk. So here goes...prepare to be impressed...NOT! And since all the folks I may have tagged have been tagged by Rel, I guess I'll skip the rules...hehehe...

8 random facts/habits about me ...

1. I have never had a broken bone, although I've had one of my middle fingers jammed twice and one of my thumbs pulled out of socket.

2. The boy I sat by in the fifth grade was born on the same day in the same hospital as me and I never met him before he showed up in my class. (the school we attended was not in the same town as the hospital we were born in)

3. I was voted "Most Likely to be a Lifetime College Student" by my senior class. (I hit my 20 year mark this year...eek!) Fortunately it didn't come to pass as I met my husband during my junior year of college and got married instead of completing college.

4. I got married on Groundhog's Day so my hubby would never forget our anniversary. He's on a roll and hasn't forgotten in the 16 years we've been married.

5. Some of my favorite things...
Food: Pumpkin pie with whipped topping, taco pizza, mellocreme pumpkins (you don't want to know how many bags of those I bought and ate last Halloween)
Drink: Orange Juice, Dr Pepper
Color: Orange
TV Shows: The Andy Griffith Show, Jeopardy
Movie: Hoosiers

6. When I was younger, I collected baseball cards (still have them) and wanted to be a professional baseball player.

7. My husband is an identical twin (as is his mother and aunt) and my last ex-boyfriend before I got married is an identical twin. And for those of you who wonder if I can tell the difference between my hubby and his brother, I can, since my husband is muscular and his brother is skinny as a rail. ;)

8. I used to have a major fixation with all things "cow" and decorated my house with bunches of them. I had decided if I ever had boy/girl twins I would name them Angus Charles and Agnes Charolais.

OKAY...you can wake up now. Told you my life has been pretty boring. ;)


Rel said...

Well you gave me a giggle, Jen! Love the twins' names - LOL!

Check out Donna Fleisher's blog to see her special post for me and devotees of Erik Estrada - LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm awake!! Awesome list. Ouch about the thumb thing. Cracking up the Angus twins!! : )

We're all boring, doncha know? Each of us, in our own unique ways, are boring and funny, silly and serious, deep and full and as complete as we should be.

How's that for a deep thought!!

Erik Estrada ... not bad. Though I preferred John. Hmm. Whatever became of him, I wonder?

Jenny said...

Glad you both enjoyed the names! *wink*

Deep thought, Donna, but so true. Thanks for stopping by! *smile*

Cee Cee said...

You're not boring at all! And Rice Krispies without milk is tasty! LOL

Jenny said...

Hi Cee Cee! *waves*

I will only eat cereal without milk. Soggy cereal - YUK!