Tuesday, March 13, 2007


About the book: Dulcie Huckleberry is part of an e-mail chat group for Christian stay-at-home mothers. She and artsy Zelia, soccer-mom Jocelyn, farmer's wife Brenna, pastor's spouse Phyllis, and Martha Stewart wannabe Rosalyn "talk" about their lives and faith issues. What will they do when Ros's "perfect" sister chimes in?

SAHM I Am is a book I just couldn't pass up, since I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom myself. Meredith Efken presents this book in a really unique way - it's written totally in email format. I was hooked from the first page and I could see myself in many of the scenarios the characters in the book encountered. You wouldn't have to be a SAHM to enjoy this book, as it's cute and funny but includes touching parts as well.

@ Home for the Holidays is a second book that continues the story of the SAHM's as they go through the holiday season.

About the book: How can you balance housework, home crises, and a husband in the weeks before Christmas without losing your mind? Stay-at-home moms Dulcie, Zelia, Jocelyn, Rosalyn, and Veronica know how! They help each other through domestic drama by plugging in their laptops and tapping seasonal messages of sisterhood, sanity, and the real Christmas spirit.

I was also fortunate to find this online read featuring the SAHM gals as well. Enjoy Bedtime Battles by Meredith Efken.

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